Finally I rediscovered list mode in iPhone calendar

My favourite mode in the calendar app is well hidden in ios7 and ios8. Finally i figured out how to bring it back. Enter any letter (just one) in the search field and by magic the list is presented


BootCamp to the rescue

Now I can switch between OSX and Window 8.1! Macbook runs Windows perfectly. This way I can gradually adapt to OSX


iOS 7 - Flaw -- Icon for mute is still crossed when un-muted

When you un-mute the phone in iOS 7 the symbol is still "crossed"
You are supposed to see when it is muted respective  un-muted based on if the text is grey or not !!!

At first I thought the phone hang when the cross did not disappear when tapped !!

Windows 8 Annoyance - Where is my newly installed application?

I cannot say I mss the Start button that much, but there is one thing that is rally missing that is related:
In Windows 7 the newly installed programs and the utilities for that program appeared "highlighted" on the start button.
In Windows 8 the newly installed stuff is "hidden in the hay stack"

As I understand this is partly solved in Windows 8.1 by the improved search function, where you can choose to see "newly installed applications"

iOS 7 Finding - "Album Artist" required for Artist to show up in list

When I loaded my playlists to my iPhone withe the newly installed iOS 7 Beta, I did not find all my artists in the music library. But searching on artist name made them show up. After some digging I realised that Apple now use the "Album Artist" field in the MP3 Metadata instead of the "Artist" field as in iOS 6. But this is probably intentional !

iOS 7 Beta Finding - Panorama in Camera not stable

The panorama function in the Camera crashes two times out of three.

Mac Annoyance - User handling to left and to right

OK , this is trivial, but anyway:

On the right side of the menu bar you can see the name of the user logged in. 
But if you are new to Mac you wonder why you cannot log out from th same spot!!
Must be a strange historical reason that you must move to the left side of the menu bar and log out below the little Apple Icon. 
Why not log out at the same place you switch user?????

Apple reads advice - Improving Multiple Monitors

Glad to see that Apple team reads my blog and adjust the handling of multiple monitors in
OS X Mavericks !

As I understand they also add tabs to Finder, but I think this is not sufficient to make it rock !!


Mac Annoyance - Desktop paradigm not logical

At first I was very please about the option to have multiple desktops, but I claim the the function is not logical.

How I anticipated it to work:
I want one desktop for a certain task, and another one for another task.

  • Desktop 1 : Software development Eclipse with a Safari window beside the IDE.
  • Desktop 2 : Looking at some news or Facebook in Safari
This is not possible (or at least I cannot figure out how to acomplish)
Either I am thrown between desktops when clicking on Safari, or the same browser window is shown on both desktops 
.... BUT I want to have different browser page in each desktop !!!
Right clicking in the icon for Safari gives a possibility to switch between the two "usless" modes as described above.

If you would have two physical desktops, you would not be teleported between them when picking up e.g. a notebook !!!!!



Mac Annoyance - Inconsequent usage of Alternate keys

As I have complained before: There is no delete button on the Macbook.
Moreover the ways to anyway get the delete function is inconsequent:
Forward delete when writing text is acomplished with fn + BackSpace
Delete of a file in Finder is accomplished by CMD + BackSpace

I get more and more frustrated

I will soon claim an analogy with's_New_Clothes
Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others.

Mac Annoyance - Deleting files requires two hands

I am cleaning the hard drive, and I am now really annoyed that I cannot do it with one operation and one hand. Why on earth is there no delete button ????
Now I must either simultaneously press CMD + delete or or drag to trash.
You can off course also "right click" and choose "move to trash" but that also requires more effort than just pressing "delete"

Mac is supposed to be user friendly, but this is rather user hostile!!

Googling shows that I am not alone with this opinion.


Mac Advantage - Xbox Media Center XBMC, runs better on Mac

Installing XBMC and getting a perfect output to the TV was really easy on the Mac. On Windows I never really managed to get all parameters to the TV perfect, giving a less than perfect picture on the TV


Mac Advantage - Unix behind the scenes

It feels safe to have a solid unix as the foundation. It is then possible for developers to fire up all the favourite commands like vi, grep, ls etc.  (Although vi is not MY favourite)

And I realize that hard core developer enjoy having same base as the target server environments.
For Android development it is also possible to do more low level debugging than what is possible on Windows!

If you want to look behind the Windowing system it is not a big deal to browse around dev etc ....

Mac Advantage - Multiple desktops

I have downloaded numerous add-ons for multiple desktops in Windows over the years, but never found  anyone that worked. (believe it or not since Windows 3.11 / Windows 2000).
On Mac as well as on Unix (X-Windows  and Motif) it is an integral part of the OS which is great.
But as you can see from my earlier posts, I think there is room for improvement for the desktop mechanism in Mac OS X

Mac Advantage Stylish user Interface makes you happy & proud

Just as the hardware design is fantastic, the look of Mac OS X is great. Makes all PC users that looks over your shoulder envy.
Windows 8, which I really appreciate regarding Window handling etc in the non-metro mode really looks Ugly!!!

Mac Advantage - Gestures really works, both Mouse & touchpad

On a Mac you really feel that the hardware is totally in harmony with the OS. For Windows 8 this is a disaster. I bought the Microsoft Touch mouse, and it was terrible, both design and handling. Sold it for 1/3 of the price on eBay. Next attempt I bought the Logitech T620. Nice design, but handling and driver still almost as terrible as Microsoft touch mouse.
 I love the Touch-ad and Apple Magic Mouse.
On Windows 8 there is competition between the drivers if you have more than on Mouse. I for instance have Logitech and Windows Mouse, and it seems that the utilities for respective mouse are interfering with each other. 

Mac Advantage - Makes me do one thing at the time

I have been nagging about showing one menu at the time for Mac. But I now realise that Apple tries to reduce my stress level by saying: Pleas Peter, do one thing at the time!!


Mac Annoyance - Moving a file in finder not a breeze

I happily started the Finder to move a folder from one location to another.
To my surprise I cannot find out how to do this without firing up one more Finder Window and fiddling with resizing in order to show both source and target at the same time.
Is the Finder really that bad?

Do I need to tell you how easy this is in Microsoft Windows Explorer? 
On top of this the files are even queued in Windows 8 when you are moving from to several folders 

After some more experimenting I noticed that you can get a really long expanded tree in the right pane, where you actually can drag files, but still I think it is more convenient in MS Windows to drag between right pane and left pane.

Mac Way:

Windows Way:

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Mac Annoyance- Mother of all annoyances - Menu only for active Application

I know the Window management principle for Mac has always been different to that of  Microsoft Windows regarding menu bars.
But I have a very hard time to accept that only the Active application holds the menu bar, and that it only exists on main monitor !! I think this makes the whole user experience unstable and stressful. I do not want the appearance of the 2-3 applications I work with to change all the time.

Example: Develop on Eclipse, test in Firefox and work with the database in some admin tool. I want to lay out one Window for each application and be able to move between them without switching the top bar all the time.
I realize that this is a mindset and  I really try to accept the Mac way, but it is so difficult!!!

On the other hand 
I realise that there are advantages with the Mac way: Saves space on the desktop, and encourages you to focus on one thing at the time.
And Ubuntu has the same principle.

Maybe I will reconsider given some time

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Mac Annoyance - OS X claims file damaged when it is not

Downloaded Eclipse Tar file, unpacked and moved to Applications Folder. Trying to open both by double click and right click-open showed the error popup: is damaged and cannot be opened . So I downloaded again -- same message. Choose another Mirror - same message.

So I took help from Google as usual,

Dear Apple: Why do you say that the file is damaged, when it really depends on security settings ?!?!? Outrageous !!
After changing the security settings temporarily to  Allow Applications downloaded from Anywhere , it was perfectly fine to use Eclipse.

Mac Annoyance - 3rd party Apps to cover short comings

It seems the answer to many of my claimed annoyances is to get a 3rd party application for the functionality I lack in Mac OS X.  There seems to be a small industry for that!
This is not perfect situation, since this kind of applications often are close to the core of the OS / Windowing system, and hence can affect stability and consistency. It is  also a risk for introducing hostile applications to your Mac.

Some Examples of apps that should not be necessary if Mac OS X had done a better job:
  • PathFinder
  • Grabbit
  • SecondBAr
  • Unarchiver
  • iZip
  • uPhoto Quick Viewer
  • Preview    I think this one is by Apple, but why is it not integrated with Finder? Now you must drag files or a folder to the tool if I understand correctly
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Mac Annoyance - Full Screen on Primary Monitor Wipes secondary monitor

When I maximise the application window on primary monitor while I show another window on secondary monitor, the second monitor window disappears.
This depends on that maximising a window also means starting a new desktop. Since secondary monitor is an extension of current desktop, it is empty when yo maximise first time.
Really annoying if you for instance show a browser in primary and mail on secondary, and decide to maximise the browser

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Mac Annoyance - Can´t disable auto hide of menubar when Fullpage

It does not seem to be possible to disable autohide of the menu bar when you are in Full Screen Mode
Found frustrated debates in various forums since years back. 
Why does not Apple offer "Disable Auto Hide" in Systems Preferences???

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Mac Annoyance - Cannot start two instances of e.g.Eclipse

It seems a number of applications can oly run one at the time. So for Instance Eclipse 

I often want to run one Eclipse to the workspace where I am doing the current task, and one instance to a workspace where I have a lot of example code. I could not believe it when this seems impossible on the Mac. Soon as I try to start Eclipse it takes me to the instance already running. All I can do is to fire up a new Window toward the same workspace, but as mentioned in earlier post, the new window does not have a menu if it is on separate screen.

After googling there seems to be a workaround here but hey ... Starting a command Prompt.

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Mac Annoyance - Strange Copy Paste behaviour

In the systems I am used to you choose if you want to Copy or cut the file when you are at the "source file" then you paste the file where you want it. 

On the Mac you fire cmd + C which to me suggests you are about to copy, but then when you reach the target, thats when you decide wheter to copy or paste !! I think this is error prone and not logical

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Mac Annoyance - No decent tool for Screen Capture

In Microsoft Windows there is a little convenient snipping tool included. In this tool you can capture whole or part of the screen, then do some basic drawing if you want, and save the picture in various format on the folder of choice. 
What do you get on the Mac ?!? 
Yes: You get a very very basic tool that starts with a keyboard shortcut I never remember since I use so many systems, then the capture is saved to a fixed location and a fixed format.

I found some free tools, but none that was really streamlined to work with

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Mac Annoyance - Cannot rename a file when saving

In Windows you can rename a file and even create a new folder in the Save As dialogue. Not possible on the Mac

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Mac Annoyance - Multiple monitors, One of the application Windows lack menu bar

When you have two monitors and want to run the the same application on both screens you will only have the top menu bar in the main window.
Example 1: If you want to work with separate word documents on each monitor, you will need to start the commands for the external monitor from the primary monitor. In Microsoft Windows you get full functionality on both screens.

Running Eclipse tool on one of the monitors (The Internal, main monitor). Now I want to have two Windows of Eclipse to work with, so I do Windows - New Window in Eclipse. Now I can drag one of the Eclipses to the external monitor. Surprise: This Eclipse on the external monitor has no menu bar! So when I  want to perform a menu action in the Eclipse on the external monitor I must move the mouse and do it from the internal one!!

Do I need to say that I get menu bars on both Eclipse when I do this in Microsoft Windows?

I received a hint that I should have one virtual desktop on the main monitor and one on the external, but that must be wrong, it seems the second monitor is always an extension of the primary one, where the menubar is.

Totally crazy, if you want to run e.g word and edit one document in one monitor and one in the other, the menu is missing for one of them!!! 

On the Mac: Right Window has no menu bar

One more oddity:
When I maximize the left Eclipse window, Mac gives me a new desktop (Not hat I asked for it) and hence removes the Eclipse on the external monitor. 

 On Microsoft Windows this works perfectly, I can maximise on both screens, and I can even start a new Eclipse toward another Workspace, something that seems totally impossible on the Mac (See separate entry soon in this blog) 

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Mac Annoyance - Multiple Desktop vs starting applications - Strange behaviour

Here I must have missed something regarding desktop principles:

  1. Starting Safari in Desktop 1
  2. Now I move myself to another fresh empty desktop, Desktop 2
  3. I now want to have a Safari window here as well since I will work on another task in this desktop
  4. Starting Safari in Desktop 2 brings up Desktop 1 with that instance of Safari 
If this does not depend on me doing something wrong, then I wonder what the Mac team was thinking about! 
If so, I would almost state: Mac OSX sucks.

I realize there are ways to start a new instance by right clicking-new Window  on the icon in the launch pad. This brings up a menu with no window in the new desktop. Then you need to do File New Window.
But Hey:

If you have moved to a new desktop, off course you do not want to be transferred automatically to another one just because you want to work with a certain application!!!
Some "good old" use case analysis would have been in place !!!

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Mac Annoyance - Setting environment variables for software development

In Windows it is easy to set environment variables on system level as well as on user level. If you have been working with Java, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat etc you know that there are always som variables necessary to define.
On the MAc it is not so easy to set environment variables for a certain scope. If you are in the command line Unix of the Mac it is off course straight forward, but since it is always a mix of GUI and Commands it is tricky

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