Mac Annoyance - Full Screen on Primary Monitor Wipes secondary monitor

When I maximise the application window on primary monitor while I show another window on secondary monitor, the second monitor window disappears.
This depends on that maximising a window also means starting a new desktop. Since secondary monitor is an extension of current desktop, it is empty when yo maximise first time.
Really annoying if you for instance show a browser in primary and mail on secondary, and decide to maximise the browser

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Mac Annoyance - Can´t disable auto hide of menubar when Fullpage

It does not seem to be possible to disable autohide of the menu bar when you are in Full Screen Mode
Found frustrated debates in various forums since years back. 
Why does not Apple offer "Disable Auto Hide" in Systems Preferences???

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Mac Annoyance - Cannot start two instances of e.g.Eclipse

It seems a number of applications can oly run one at the time. So for Instance Eclipse 

I often want to run one Eclipse to the workspace where I am doing the current task, and one instance to a workspace where I have a lot of example code. I could not believe it when this seems impossible on the Mac. Soon as I try to start Eclipse it takes me to the instance already running. All I can do is to fire up a new Window toward the same workspace, but as mentioned in earlier post, the new window does not have a menu if it is on separate screen.

After googling there seems to be a workaround here but hey ... Starting a command Prompt.

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Mac Annoyance - Strange Copy Paste behaviour

In the systems I am used to you choose if you want to Copy or cut the file when you are at the "source file" then you paste the file where you want it. 

On the Mac you fire cmd + C which to me suggests you are about to copy, but then when you reach the target, thats when you decide wheter to copy or paste !! I think this is error prone and not logical

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Mac Annoyance - No decent tool for Screen Capture

In Microsoft Windows there is a little convenient snipping tool included. In this tool you can capture whole or part of the screen, then do some basic drawing if you want, and save the picture in various format on the folder of choice. 
What do you get on the Mac ?!? 
Yes: You get a very very basic tool that starts with a keyboard shortcut I never remember since I use so many systems, then the capture is saved to a fixed location and a fixed format.

I found some free tools, but none that was really streamlined to work with

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Mac Annoyance - Cannot rename a file when saving

In Windows you can rename a file and even create a new folder in the Save As dialogue. Not possible on the Mac

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Mac Annoyance - Multiple monitors, One of the application Windows lack menu bar

When you have two monitors and want to run the the same application on both screens you will only have the top menu bar in the main window.
Example 1: If you want to work with separate word documents on each monitor, you will need to start the commands for the external monitor from the primary monitor. In Microsoft Windows you get full functionality on both screens.

Running Eclipse tool on one of the monitors (The Internal, main monitor). Now I want to have two Windows of Eclipse to work with, so I do Windows - New Window in Eclipse. Now I can drag one of the Eclipses to the external monitor. Surprise: This Eclipse on the external monitor has no menu bar! So when I  want to perform a menu action in the Eclipse on the external monitor I must move the mouse and do it from the internal one!!

Do I need to say that I get menu bars on both Eclipse when I do this in Microsoft Windows?

I received a hint that I should have one virtual desktop on the main monitor and one on the external, but that must be wrong, it seems the second monitor is always an extension of the primary one, where the menubar is.

Totally crazy, if you want to run e.g word and edit one document in one monitor and one in the other, the menu is missing for one of them!!! 

On the Mac: Right Window has no menu bar

One more oddity:
When I maximize the left Eclipse window, Mac gives me a new desktop (Not hat I asked for it) and hence removes the Eclipse on the external monitor. 

 On Microsoft Windows this works perfectly, I can maximise on both screens, and I can even start a new Eclipse toward another Workspace, something that seems totally impossible on the Mac (See separate entry soon in this blog) 

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Mac Annoyance - Multiple Desktop vs starting applications - Strange behaviour

Here I must have missed something regarding desktop principles:

  1. Starting Safari in Desktop 1
  2. Now I move myself to another fresh empty desktop, Desktop 2
  3. I now want to have a Safari window here as well since I will work on another task in this desktop
  4. Starting Safari in Desktop 2 brings up Desktop 1 with that instance of Safari 
If this does not depend on me doing something wrong, then I wonder what the Mac team was thinking about! 
If so, I would almost state: Mac OSX sucks.

I realize there are ways to start a new instance by right clicking-new Window  on the icon in the launch pad. This brings up a menu with no window in the new desktop. Then you need to do File New Window.
But Hey:

If you have moved to a new desktop, off course you do not want to be transferred automatically to another one just because you want to work with a certain application!!!
Some "good old" use case analysis would have been in place !!!

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Mac Annoyance - Setting environment variables for software development

In Windows it is easy to set environment variables on system level as well as on user level. If you have been working with Java, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat etc you know that there are always som variables necessary to define.
On the MAc it is not so easy to set environment variables for a certain scope. If you are in the command line Unix of the Mac it is off course straight forward, but since it is always a mix of GUI and Commands it is tricky

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Mac Annoyance - Finder user unfriendly

I really thought the File manager in Mac would out perform the one in Windows (that is Finder vs Explorer). But also here I was disappointed. After googling a bit I understand that even the mac users are unhappy with the Finder. So much that the buy a quite expensive replacement like pathfinder!!

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Mac Annoyance - Mac never hangs ...hmmmm

I thought it would always be possible to interrupt and close a malfunctioning application on the mac, since there is a solid unix under the hood.
But I have received a rotating blue ball a few times which gave me no option but to press the Power button a really loooooong time to restart. Thought this could not happen on a Mac.
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Mac Annoyance - Application Menu but no Window!!!

From time to time I get a menu bar of Finder, Safari or whatever application without any Window!
To get the Window I must do e.g. File-New Finder Window to show the file browser.
Why on earth would I want to have a menu bar for Finder without a File Browser Window ??
Unnecessary key clicks required
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Mac Annoyance - No preview of docs / applications

OK, I have a bad habit of working with too many documents at the same time, but here Windows really helps me out.
In Windows when I work with eight word documents at the same time it is really easy to pick one, since you get a "thumbnail" in when you hover of the application icon in the bottom of the screen. I have not found any similar function on the Mac.
Above I use Word as an example, but is is even more valuable when working with Outlook Mail
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Mac Annoyance - Fuzzy downloading/install of apps

I think it seems kind of fuzzy and uncontrolled when downloading applications to install.
When downloading , the file is , with nice animation, placed in the download folder, but it can be difficult to find the file without switching to Finder. Sometimes an installer starts, and sometimes you get a DMG file which you can put anywhere, So if you do not have a strategy, you can end up in a mess.
Not all Windows installs ar perfect, but you at least have a list of installed applications in the control panel. In Mac I think this feels really fuzzy.
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Mac Annoyance - PhotoStream iPhoto, Where are my files?

The PhotoStream function works perfectly between the PC and the iPhone!! Immediately when my iPhone has Wlan connection the pictures are visible in PhotoStream in the explorer on the PC. Very easy then to find the image when for instance posting on eBay throug the browser.
But with the Mac this is a night mare: The image only appears in iPhoto, and I never remember from time to time how in ... to make it appear in the file system so I can upload it to eBay!! 
When I remember how to do it I find myself with duplicate images! One in iPhoto and one in the file system. 

On top of this I notice that iPhoto is not updated with new photos as quickly as on the PC!!

After some googling I found that I could customise a search view in the finder to view PhotoStream. I made it work --- but it was very random regarding updating with new photos.
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Mac Annoyance - Zip handling

There is some default handling of Zip files in Mac OSX, but I never got a grip of it , so I searched for a de facto standard like WinZip or WinRar without success. The Mac Apps  I found were really obscure, felt like I am not in control of where the files are extracted.
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Mac Annoyance - Resizing upper right corner

This is a small thing, but anyway:
When you position the mouse pointer in any corner except upper right you get small arrows indicating that resize is possible, but not on upper right. Strange thing is that resize works anyway.
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Mac Annoyance - View next picture

When you click on an image in the Finder you will see the picture, which is fine. But why on earth is there now way to view the next picture by pressing next page, right arrow or whatever.
Now you must at first select all pictures you want to view and then ask to view them.  Then the Arrow keys works. Crazy!!
In Windows the image viewer works perfectly!
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Mac Annoyance - One menu bar at the time

I know .. The philosophy from day one has been that only the menu bar of the active application is presented. I think this is an attempt to make me work with one thing at the time. But I really cannot get used to this principle. I hate when the window of my application changes when I temporarily want to work with another app. I definitely prefer the Windows way, when an application looks the same all the time. Gives a much more staple feeling!
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Mac Annoyance - Where is the delete button

There is no "delete" button on the keyboard on the Macbook and on the compact  keyboards. I know that you can use fn + Backspace, but this is awkward when you are used to klick one key to get forward delete.
It is also very logical to have a delete key to e.g. delete a file that is selected. Seems the function of Mac-Backspace differs between applications.
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Thought I would love moving from Windows to Mac ... but

Being very very pleased with the usability and handling of iPad, iPhone, AppleTV I took for granted that I would really love the Mac OSX as well.
Said and done, when the MacBook 13 Retina was released, I purchased the beauty immediately!
The hardware is really fantastic, and  I really tried to love the OSX user interface as well, and the aim was to never ever use Windows outside work again.
I tried and tried to love it, but guess what happened, despite promising myself to hate Windows 8, I bought  copy when it was on "Sale", and now I find myself rather using Windows 8 with my old desktop!! How did this happen?
In this blog I will one by one describe the shortcomings and annoyances I experience trying to love the Mac
BUT .. There are a few great things with the MAC as well. The one I like best (Which I now have tweaked my Windows boxes with as well) is the more logical scroll direction! Move the wheel up and the text moves upwards!
And off course - Hardware- Touchpad, keyboard truly amazing!!!
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