Mac Annoyance - Multiple Desktop vs starting applications - Strange behaviour

Here I must have missed something regarding desktop principles:

  1. Starting Safari in Desktop 1
  2. Now I move myself to another fresh empty desktop, Desktop 2
  3. I now want to have a Safari window here as well since I will work on another task in this desktop
  4. Starting Safari in Desktop 2 brings up Desktop 1 with that instance of Safari 
If this does not depend on me doing something wrong, then I wonder what the Mac team was thinking about! 
If so, I would almost state: Mac OSX sucks.

I realize there are ways to start a new instance by right clicking-new Window  on the icon in the launch pad. This brings up a menu with no window in the new desktop. Then you need to do File New Window.
But Hey:

If you have moved to a new desktop, off course you do not want to be transferred automatically to another one just because you want to work with a certain application!!!
Some "good old" use case analysis would have been in place !!!

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