Mac Annoyance - Multiple monitors, One of the application Windows lack menu bar

When you have two monitors and want to run the the same application on both screens you will only have the top menu bar in the main window.
Example 1: If you want to work with separate word documents on each monitor, you will need to start the commands for the external monitor from the primary monitor. In Microsoft Windows you get full functionality on both screens.

Running Eclipse tool on one of the monitors (The Internal, main monitor). Now I want to have two Windows of Eclipse to work with, so I do Windows - New Window in Eclipse. Now I can drag one of the Eclipses to the external monitor. Surprise: This Eclipse on the external monitor has no menu bar! So when I  want to perform a menu action in the Eclipse on the external monitor I must move the mouse and do it from the internal one!!

Do I need to say that I get menu bars on both Eclipse when I do this in Microsoft Windows?

I received a hint that I should have one virtual desktop on the main monitor and one on the external, but that must be wrong, it seems the second monitor is always an extension of the primary one, where the menubar is.

Totally crazy, if you want to run e.g word and edit one document in one monitor and one in the other, the menu is missing for one of them!!! 

On the Mac: Right Window has no menu bar

One more oddity:
When I maximize the left Eclipse window, Mac gives me a new desktop (Not hat I asked for it) and hence removes the Eclipse on the external monitor. 

 On Microsoft Windows this works perfectly, I can maximise on both screens, and I can even start a new Eclipse toward another Workspace, something that seems totally impossible on the Mac (See separate entry soon in this blog) 

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  1. There is a small app called secondbar that solves this

  2. Thanks for the hint!
    Some like it some not according to

    In other words, seems I am not the only one missing the ability to work on dual screens this way.

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