Mac Annoyance - No decent tool for Screen Capture

In Microsoft Windows there is a little convenient snipping tool included. In this tool you can capture whole or part of the screen, then do some basic drawing if you want, and save the picture in various format on the folder of choice. 
What do you get on the Mac ?!? 
Yes: You get a very very basic tool that starts with a keyboard shortcut I never remember since I use so many systems, then the capture is saved to a fixed location and a fixed format.

I found some free tools, but none that was really streamlined to work with

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  1. So your inability to remember is Apples fault? Cmd-shift-3 has been with us since at least System 6 from 1988. Cmd-shift-4 to capture selections was added 1999 in OS 9 I think. Snipping tool came with Vista in 2005. Kom in i matchen! There are similar apps if you want the exact functionality. What should and should not be included with an OS is debatable.