Mac Annoyance - PhotoStream iPhoto, Where are my files?

The PhotoStream function works perfectly between the PC and the iPhone!! Immediately when my iPhone has Wlan connection the pictures are visible in PhotoStream in the explorer on the PC. Very easy then to find the image when for instance posting on eBay throug the browser.
But with the Mac this is a night mare: The image only appears in iPhoto, and I never remember from time to time how in ... to make it appear in the file system so I can upload it to eBay!! 
When I remember how to do it I find myself with duplicate images! One in iPhoto and one in the file system. 

On top of this I notice that iPhoto is not updated with new photos as quickly as on the PC!!

After some googling I found that I could customise a search view in the finder to view PhotoStream. I made it work --- but it was very random regarding updating with new photos.
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