Thought I would love moving from Windows to Mac ... but

Being very very pleased with the usability and handling of iPad, iPhone, AppleTV I took for granted that I would really love the Mac OSX as well.
Said and done, when the MacBook 13 Retina was released, I purchased the beauty immediately!
The hardware is really fantastic, and  I really tried to love the OSX user interface as well, and the aim was to never ever use Windows outside work again.
I tried and tried to love it, but guess what happened, despite promising myself to hate Windows 8, I bought  copy when it was on "Sale", and now I find myself rather using Windows 8 with my old desktop!! How did this happen?
In this blog I will one by one describe the shortcomings and annoyances I experience trying to love the Mac
BUT .. There are a few great things with the MAC as well. The one I like best (Which I now have tweaked my Windows boxes with as well) is the more logical scroll direction! Move the wheel up and the text moves upwards!
And off course - Hardware- Touchpad, keyboard truly amazing!!!
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  1. I agree to some of your annoyances, but I´m really amazed that "the only" positive thing you can come up with is the hardware and the scroll direction. I switched to Mac one year ago and I´m so happy I did. I was at first also disappointed that the OS wasn´t more like iOS, but still I quickly started loving it. I respect your views and understand that some of these annoyances make it difficult for you, but still I´m a little amazed that it´s such a big deal. I probably use my Mac different than you do, but for me it has totally changed my workflow in a good way and I´m having MUCH more fun now than I had with my Windows PC! I´m a teacher and use it for making presentations (Keynote), documents (Pages), movies, slideshows, music and of course for daily office tasks. I love the way everything is integrated with my iOS-devices. I don´t say that Windows is bad - it´s probably better at doing some of the things you´ve mentioned. But for me, a Mac is in another league when it comes to user experience. That´s my opinion :-)