Mac Advantage - Xbox Media Center XBMC, runs better on Mac

Installing XBMC and getting a perfect output to the TV was really easy on the Mac. On Windows I never really managed to get all parameters to the TV perfect, giving a less than perfect picture on the TV


Mac Advantage - Unix behind the scenes

It feels safe to have a solid unix as the foundation. It is then possible for developers to fire up all the favourite commands like vi, grep, ls etc.  (Although vi is not MY favourite)

And I realize that hard core developer enjoy having same base as the target server environments.
For Android development it is also possible to do more low level debugging than what is possible on Windows!

If you want to look behind the Windowing system it is not a big deal to browse around dev etc ....

Mac Advantage - Multiple desktops

I have downloaded numerous add-ons for multiple desktops in Windows over the years, but never found  anyone that worked. (believe it or not since Windows 3.11 / Windows 2000).
On Mac as well as on Unix (X-Windows  and Motif) it is an integral part of the OS which is great.
But as you can see from my earlier posts, I think there is room for improvement for the desktop mechanism in Mac OS X

Mac Advantage Stylish user Interface makes you happy & proud

Just as the hardware design is fantastic, the look of Mac OS X is great. Makes all PC users that looks over your shoulder envy.
Windows 8, which I really appreciate regarding Window handling etc in the non-metro mode really looks Ugly!!!

Mac Advantage - Gestures really works, both Mouse & touchpad

On a Mac you really feel that the hardware is totally in harmony with the OS. For Windows 8 this is a disaster. I bought the Microsoft Touch mouse, and it was terrible, both design and handling. Sold it for 1/3 of the price on eBay. Next attempt I bought the Logitech T620. Nice design, but handling and driver still almost as terrible as Microsoft touch mouse.
 I love the Touch-ad and Apple Magic Mouse.
On Windows 8 there is competition between the drivers if you have more than on Mouse. I for instance have Logitech and Windows Mouse, and it seems that the utilities for respective mouse are interfering with each other. 

Mac Advantage - Makes me do one thing at the time

I have been nagging about showing one menu at the time for Mac. But I now realise that Apple tries to reduce my stress level by saying: Pleas Peter, do one thing at the time!!


Mac Annoyance - Moving a file in finder not a breeze

I happily started the Finder to move a folder from one location to another.
To my surprise I cannot find out how to do this without firing up one more Finder Window and fiddling with resizing in order to show both source and target at the same time.
Is the Finder really that bad?

Do I need to tell you how easy this is in Microsoft Windows Explorer? 
On top of this the files are even queued in Windows 8 when you are moving from to several folders 

After some more experimenting I noticed that you can get a really long expanded tree in the right pane, where you actually can drag files, but still I think it is more convenient in MS Windows to drag between right pane and left pane.

Mac Way:

Windows Way:

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Mac Annoyance- Mother of all annoyances - Menu only for active Application

I know the Window management principle for Mac has always been different to that of  Microsoft Windows regarding menu bars.
But I have a very hard time to accept that only the Active application holds the menu bar, and that it only exists on main monitor !! I think this makes the whole user experience unstable and stressful. I do not want the appearance of the 2-3 applications I work with to change all the time.

Example: Develop on Eclipse, test in Firefox and work with the database in some admin tool. I want to lay out one Window for each application and be able to move between them without switching the top bar all the time.
I realize that this is a mindset and  I really try to accept the Mac way, but it is so difficult!!!

On the other hand 
I realise that there are advantages with the Mac way: Saves space on the desktop, and encourages you to focus on one thing at the time.
And Ubuntu has the same principle.

Maybe I will reconsider given some time

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Mac Annoyance - OS X claims file damaged when it is not

Downloaded Eclipse Tar file, unpacked and moved to Applications Folder. Trying to open both by double click and right click-open showed the error popup: is damaged and cannot be opened . So I downloaded again -- same message. Choose another Mirror - same message.

So I took help from Google as usual,

Dear Apple: Why do you say that the file is damaged, when it really depends on security settings ?!?!? Outrageous !!
After changing the security settings temporarily to  Allow Applications downloaded from Anywhere , it was perfectly fine to use Eclipse.

Mac Annoyance - 3rd party Apps to cover short comings

It seems the answer to many of my claimed annoyances is to get a 3rd party application for the functionality I lack in Mac OS X.  There seems to be a small industry for that!
This is not perfect situation, since this kind of applications often are close to the core of the OS / Windowing system, and hence can affect stability and consistency. It is  also a risk for introducing hostile applications to your Mac.

Some Examples of apps that should not be necessary if Mac OS X had done a better job:
  • PathFinder
  • Grabbit
  • SecondBAr
  • Unarchiver
  • iZip
  • uPhoto Quick Viewer
  • Preview    I think this one is by Apple, but why is it not integrated with Finder? Now you must drag files or a folder to the tool if I understand correctly
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