Mac Annoyance - 3rd party Apps to cover short comings

It seems the answer to many of my claimed annoyances is to get a 3rd party application for the functionality I lack in Mac OS X.  There seems to be a small industry for that!
This is not perfect situation, since this kind of applications often are close to the core of the OS / Windowing system, and hence can affect stability and consistency. It is  also a risk for introducing hostile applications to your Mac.

Some Examples of apps that should not be necessary if Mac OS X had done a better job:
  • PathFinder
  • Grabbit
  • SecondBAr
  • Unarchiver
  • iZip
  • uPhoto Quick Viewer
  • Preview    I think this one is by Apple, but why is it not integrated with Finder? Now you must drag files or a folder to the tool if I understand correctly
For intro to these posts see here

1 comment:

  1. In Finder this is built in:
    Unzip = double click on file
    Preview = select file, press space