Mac Annoyance- Mother of all annoyances - Menu only for active Application

I know the Window management principle for Mac has always been different to that of  Microsoft Windows regarding menu bars.
But I have a very hard time to accept that only the Active application holds the menu bar, and that it only exists on main monitor !! I think this makes the whole user experience unstable and stressful. I do not want the appearance of the 2-3 applications I work with to change all the time.

Example: Develop on Eclipse, test in Firefox and work with the database in some admin tool. I want to lay out one Window for each application and be able to move between them without switching the top bar all the time.
I realize that this is a mindset and  I really try to accept the Mac way, but it is so difficult!!!

On the other hand 
I realise that there are advantages with the Mac way: Saves space on the desktop, and encourages you to focus on one thing at the time.
And Ubuntu has the same principle.

Maybe I will reconsider given some time

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  1. I still can't fathom why this makes sense to the folks at Mac and Apple fans who keep shrugs it off and says you're doing it wrong.