Mac Annoyance - Desktop paradigm not logical

At first I was very please about the option to have multiple desktops, but I claim the the function is not logical.

How I anticipated it to work:
I want one desktop for a certain task, and another one for another task.

  • Desktop 1 : Software development Eclipse with a Safari window beside the IDE.
  • Desktop 2 : Looking at some news or Facebook in Safari
This is not possible (or at least I cannot figure out how to acomplish)
Either I am thrown between desktops when clicking on Safari, or the same browser window is shown on both desktops 
.... BUT I want to have different browser page in each desktop !!!
Right clicking in the icon for Safari gives a possibility to switch between the two "usless" modes as described above.

If you would have two physical desktops, you would not be teleported between them when picking up e.g. a notebook !!!!!



Mac Annoyance - Inconsequent usage of Alternate keys

As I have complained before: There is no delete button on the Macbook.
Moreover the ways to anyway get the delete function is inconsequent:
Forward delete when writing text is acomplished with fn + BackSpace
Delete of a file in Finder is accomplished by CMD + BackSpace

I get more and more frustrated

I will soon claim an analogy with's_New_Clothes
Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others.

Mac Annoyance - Deleting files requires two hands

I am cleaning the hard drive, and I am now really annoyed that I cannot do it with one operation and one hand. Why on earth is there no delete button ????
Now I must either simultaneously press CMD + delete or or drag to trash.
You can off course also "right click" and choose "move to trash" but that also requires more effort than just pressing "delete"

Mac is supposed to be user friendly, but this is rather user hostile!!

Googling shows that I am not alone with this opinion.