Mac Annoyance - Desktop paradigm not logical

At first I was very please about the option to have multiple desktops, but I claim the the function is not logical.

How I anticipated it to work:
I want one desktop for a certain task, and another one for another task.

  • Desktop 1 : Software development Eclipse with a Safari window beside the IDE.
  • Desktop 2 : Looking at some news or Facebook in Safari
This is not possible (or at least I cannot figure out how to acomplish)
Either I am thrown between desktops when clicking on Safari, or the same browser window is shown on both desktops 
.... BUT I want to have different browser page in each desktop !!!
Right clicking in the icon for Safari gives a possibility to switch between the two "usless" modes as described above.

If you would have two physical desktops, you would not be teleported between them when picking up e.g. a notebook !!!!!


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  1. OK ... Thanks Fredrik for showing me how to partly get what I am after:
    In Safari make sure to have two windows, drag one of them to desktop 2.
    You will now have one browser/desktop :-)
    But still not all applications work like this. Not Eclipse and not Notes.

    And, as a Mac newbie I at first did not manage to move the window to screen 2. Yo had to take it to the edge and then wait two seconds - then suddenly: teleportation