iOS 7 - Flaw -- Icon for mute is still crossed when un-muted

When you un-mute the phone in iOS 7 the symbol is still "crossed"
You are supposed to see when it is muted respective  un-muted based on if the text is grey or not !!!

At first I thought the phone hang when the cross did not disappear when tapped !!

Windows 8 Annoyance - Where is my newly installed application?

I cannot say I mss the Start button that much, but there is one thing that is rally missing that is related:
In Windows 7 the newly installed programs and the utilities for that program appeared "highlighted" on the start button.
In Windows 8 the newly installed stuff is "hidden in the hay stack"

As I understand this is partly solved in Windows 8.1 by the improved search function, where you can choose to see "newly installed applications"

iOS 7 Finding - "Album Artist" required for Artist to show up in list

When I loaded my playlists to my iPhone withe the newly installed iOS 7 Beta, I did not find all my artists in the music library. But searching on artist name made them show up. After some digging I realised that Apple now use the "Album Artist" field in the MP3 Metadata instead of the "Artist" field as in iOS 6. But this is probably intentional !

iOS 7 Beta Finding - Panorama in Camera not stable

The panorama function in the Camera crashes two times out of three.

Mac Annoyance - User handling to left and to right

OK , this is trivial, but anyway:

On the right side of the menu bar you can see the name of the user logged in. 
But if you are new to Mac you wonder why you cannot log out from th same spot!!
Must be a strange historical reason that you must move to the left side of the menu bar and log out below the little Apple Icon. 
Why not log out at the same place you switch user?????

Apple reads advice - Improving Multiple Monitors

Glad to see that Apple team reads my blog and adjust the handling of multiple monitors in
OS X Mavericks !

As I understand they also add tabs to Finder, but I think this is not sufficient to make it rock !!